Social Science

Languages of the World Unite

Just in time to coincide with the launch of the Bush Administration’s “Foreign Language Initiative,” Yale University Press has launched its new World Languages website. Unlike any other publisher, the Yale University Press language program publishes materials in both commonly taught and less commonly taught languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Kurdish,

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Who am I? What am I doing here?

In an Op-Ed piece for the Washington Post, Harold Meyerson writes about “the pervasive insecurity that is inextricably part of today’s capitalism.” Invoking Richard Sennett’s new book The Culture of the New Capitalism, Myerson writes: “In the absence of a more structured work life, what Sennett sees is a more

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World Language Textbooks from Yale University Press Speak to Bush Plans

The Bush Administration just announced a substantial increase in funding for the study of foreign languages critical to national security, including Arabic and Chinese. “Much of the money reportedly will go to the Pentagon, to beef up language training at military schools,” said Elaine Korry on NPR’s Morning Edition, “but

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