Lost Without Translation

“Lost Without Translation” features titles from the far reaches and dialects of the world brought into a modern-day Tower of Babel. Yale University Press prides itself as a publisher of translated works, bringing a variety of literary and scholarly works to an English audience for the first time. From NBCC-Award winning titles like Clare Cavanagh’s Lyric Poetry and Modern Politics to Edith Grossman’s treatise Why Translation Matters, and translated classics such as Mikhail Bulgakov’s White Guard or new scholarship on Heidegger as examined by Emmanuel Faye, we harbor a deep respect for the efforts that contribute to a global conversation of ideas, crossing lingual and cultural boundaries alike.

At the apex of our translated titles is the Margellos World Republic of Letters series, which identifies works of cultural and artistic significance previously overlooked by translators and publishers, canonical works of literature and philosophy needing new translations, as well as important contemporary authors whose work has not yet been translated into English.

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