Proust, Revisited: 100 Years after Swann’s Way

Read the In Search of Lost Time centennial press announcement from Yale University Press! 

Marcel Proust: A LifeWilliam C. Carter is obsessed with Marcel Proust. He has published two biographies of the man, Marcel Proust: A Life and Proust in Love, and has been called “Proust’s definitive biographer,” by Yale’s own Harold Bloom. He’s co-produced a Proust documentary: “Marcel Proust: A Writer’s Life.” He even maintains a blog, Proust Ink, “devoted to studying and celebrating the life and works of Marcel Proust while enjoying what he calls ‘the revealing smile of art.’” So it seems only fitting that Carter would have something momentous planned to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Proust’s most famous and acclaimed work, À la recherche du temps perdu (or in English: In Search of Lost Time.)

While Carter recognizes the merits and incredible scope of C.K. Scott Moncrieff’s original English translation, he also realizes that this and further revisions have taken the text a little too far from Proust’s original intentions and artistry. This new, centennial edition will work to correct these misconceptions, allowing readers to fully appreciate what is regarded as the greatest novel in all of French literature.

This March, Yale University Press will reissue Carter’s Marcel Proust: A Life with a new preface by the author, followed by the new edition of Swann’s Way (the first volume of À la recherche du temps perdu) in November to celebrate the text’s original publication in November 1913.

This new edition is sure to engage new readers and brilliant fanatics of Proust alike!

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